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15 MAR 2017

A33 Cart & Horses Junction

The A33 Cart & Horses junction at Kings Worthy has been an accident black-spot for many years and a cause of great worry to residents from across the area.

Winchester MP Steve Brine has focused a lot of energy trying to make this junction safer for his constituents. His campaign, alongside local councillors of all parties, has been to persuade Hampshire County Council (HCC) of the need to make significant changes to the junction.

Steve says; "A pretty listless campaign to drive change at the spot had made no impact whatsoever so we've had to work hard to get it on Hampshire's radar and the visit by the Secretary of State in 2013 was certainly a turning point.  He took one look and called it a 'nasty junction'."

Another key moment was the appointment of Cllr Sean Woodward as Executive Member for Transport at HCC who immediately took an interest and visited the site with Steve within days of his appointment.

HCC subsequently approved a scheme in late 2014 worth £103,000 to improve the junction for motorists and pedestrians and following agreement from Highways England (who are responsible for the approach to the junction from J9), works were completed in May 2016.

The changes principally addressed the issue of vehicles waiting to turn right off the A33 onto the B3047 London Road. It was agreed at that time to carry out a review of the speed limit, once the scheme had been implemented and in operation for a reasonable period.  Speed surveys undertaken since the scheme was altered in October 2016 show average speeds have reduced to a level where a permanent speed limit reduction can be considered.

Plans to introduce a trial speed reduction on the A33 near the junctions with the B0347 outside Winchester will therefore be considered by Hampshire County Council's Executive Member for Environment and Transport at his Decision Day meeting on 23 March 2017.

Proposals to trial a ban on right turns out of the B3047 London Road onto the A33, and ban U-turns at the B3047 Alresford Road junction will also be considered.

Steve says; "Despite claims to have saved the day, the Cart & Horses junction is sadly not transformed and many of my constituents continue to be concerned about its safety. Local representatives, from city and county including Cllr Jackie Porter of HCC who's worked hard on this, have fought together cross-party over many years and we have been clear a speed reduction, plus fundamental layout change, are what's needed.

"These measures seems promising, although I cannot see how banning the right turn is remotely possible, but I look forward to seeing worked up proposals and we must remain realistic in what engineering solutions can ultimately achieve."

Pictured (top); Steve with Cllr Sean Woodward and (below) with then Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin at the junction.

More information ...

See details of the March 2017 Decision Day on the HCC website

Download Steve Brine's letter to HCC of 6 December 2016 and HCC's reply of 22 February 2017

View details of the 2014 scheme on the HCC website

Download Steve's letter to residents, delivered in September 2014

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