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08 JAN 2015

M3 motorway noise

The issue of surface noise from the M3 motorway – and its impact on residents in many parts of Steve Brine's Winchester & Chandler's Ford constituency - seemingly never goes away. That is, until now ...

Steve says; "Every couple of years we have a new campaign, and of course a petition, to lay a quieter surface on the M3.

"When I became the MP here in 2010 I said I would fight for a quieter surface but I also said I would level with my constituents and not promise what I cannot deliver.

"Now, after more than four years and as many Roads' Ministers, I am delighted to say our campaign has come good and the M3 will be resurfaced from J9 through J14 on both carriageways and including the hard shoulder.  This work was scheduled to be done by the end of March 2015 but a few delays in what is highly complex and skilled work mean it will not be completed during May 2015."

  • Steve's long running campaign, working closely with local residents and parish as well as city councillors, has come good. The M3 will be resurfaced January - May 2015.
  • The work was due to be done by 2020 but has been brought forward as a result of our lobbying.
  • Shepherds Down School, as well as Compton & Shawford Parish Council, were key in making the case for the work to be done.
  • Remember, motorway noise is only in-part about the surface of the road. Tyre quality, wet conditions, speed and even wind direction all play their part. Low noise surface makes approximately 3 decibels of sound difference when compared with the old surface.

Steve Brine spent a night out on the M3 in January 2015 with the Highways Agency to see the work being done and you can watch (below) a short-film courtesy of Steve Brine TV.




Pictured (top); The children of Shepherds Down School in Compton celebrate with headteacher Jane Sansome and their MP as news came through the motorway next to their playground will be made quieter.





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