Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

20 FEB 2014

MP speaks to police over careless drivers in flood-hit Springvale

Steve Brine has spoken to police after disturbing reports from Kings Worthy of careless drivers making the flooding situation worse by speeding.

Springvale Road, in Kings Worthy, has been one of the worst-hit parts of the area during the local flooding, and speeding cars create 'bow waves', which carry floodwater up towards properties adjacent to the road.

Steve Brine said: "I have been in the area so much over the past three weeks, and have seen, sadly, some isolated incidents of careless driving for myself.

"This is just plain inconsiderate, and I was very angry to hear a number of complaints towards the end of the week. I spoke to the local Chief Inspector, and am pleased that police are greatly stepping up patrols in the area, and can use Section 59 legislation if necessary to combat this anti-social driving."

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