Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

16 FEB 2014

Steve returns to Twyford

Steve Brine was back in Twyford (Saturday 15 February 2014) as the community continues its incredible response to recent flooding.

A control centre has been set-up in the heart of the village which residents staff continually to enforce the road closure in place for Hazeley Road.

The MP was also in the village last weekend (Sunday 9 February 2014) when water levels were very high in Hazeley Road; they have since fallen considerably and there is talk of the road re-opening at some point in the coming week.

Steve says; "The flood risk in Twyford remains but with luck we are past that for now.  I have seen some impressive community response in the past week or so but Twyford is so far out in front of the pack, they have been incredible as I said on Sky News the other day.  The parish emergency plan has really come into its own and that's good to see.

"The issue in Twyford for me now is the forced closure of the Twyford Playgroup which is usually held in the now flooded parish hall. A temporary home has been found for after half-term but we have to cut through some serious red-tape from Ofsted and that is proving tricky.  I have however, spoken personally to the Secretary of State (Michael Gove) this weekend and remain hopeful we can find a fast-track route to get the playground open again after the half-term break."

Pictured; Steve Brine and a member of the Twyford community response team outside the flooded parish hall; home of the Twyford Playgroup.

More information ...

Visit the website of Twyford Parish Council

Find and contact County Cllr Rob Humby

Find the Twyford Playgroup online

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