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16 JAN 2015

Steve sees M3 resurfacing work first-hand

Steve Brine joined a team from the Highways Agency overnight as resurfacing work continued on the M3 motorway.

Last year, Ministers' responded to Mr Brine's long running campaign to bring a quieter surface to the road by confirming junctions 9-14 of the M3 will be resurfaced in the financial years 2015/16 and 2016/17. However, last month, it was announced the work would be accelerated into this financial year with the completion due by April 2015.

The MP saw first-hand the work being carried out between Junction 12-13 at Chandler's Ford overnight on Thursday 15th January. Steve says; "It was amazing to learn just before Christmas that the resurfacing work we've argued for on the M3 will be done in the next few months but I had to see it for myself to believe it was true so when the Highways Agency invited me to join them on the motorway I jumped at the chance.

"I had no idea what a complex and highly skilled job these crews do while most of us are fast asleep. To meet the team and see the sheer level of commitment and professionalism they have was incredible. It was sobering for-instance, to learn just how dangerous something so seemingly simple as laying out the safety cones can be.

"It was very strange to be standing on the carriageway of the M3 in the early hours of the morning but so good to actually see that worn down, noisy old surface taken away and a new quieter one put in its place. It was also a great chance to thank the Highways Agency team in person because their work will make a tangible difference to my constituents lives across a vast area."

One of the key components for the success of the campaign was the children and staff at Shepherds Down School, in Compton, whose plight was taken to Ministers by Steve Brine and local campaigners.

Local councillor Jan Warwick, who represents Compton and Otterbourne Ward, joined Steve Brine on the visit and adds; "This has been such a long-running campaign, and to finally see it come to fruition in front of my eyes was fantastic, and I am very grateful to the Highways Agency team for the opportunity to learn more.

"This vital work will do so much to help local residents living right along this stretch of the M3, and has been a real, working example of local people, Parish and District Councillors working with the MP to achieve a solution."

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The programme continues into the Spring and you can learn more via

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