Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

The benefits of BoomTown (25 Jan 2018)

There has been discussion in recent weeks of BoomTown Fair and plans to increase the size of the festival over the next two years.

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Churches Together Prayer Breakfast (21 Dec 2017)

Fittingly for the season, last Friday I took part in a special Prayer Breakfast organised by Winchester Churches Together at the Guildhall.

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Bees and a busy few months for the environment (30 Nov 2017)

An MP's postbag can be a revealing snapshot of what constituents feel passionate about.

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Council homes, health and local students (26 Oct 2017)

I found myself in Manchester earlier this month and one thing I remember from Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party Conference speech was her announcement that a new generation of council houses will be built, with an extra £2billion of funding going into the affordable housing budget.

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M3 and the threats we face (02 Oct 2017)

Last Saturday's nightmare on the M3 was a reminder that the threats we face are becoming more complex and diverse.

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Royal Hampshire County Hospital (24 Aug 2017)

When I was first elected, more than seven years ago, I remember people predicting the imminent closure of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

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Local school funding (27 Jul 2017)

There has been much talk this year about the future of school funding and it rightly featured heavily during the recent General Election campaign.

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We all have a part to play in unity over division (22 Jun 2017)

After a break from my column last month during the General Election it is good to be back.

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Syria, North Korea and Easter (20 Apr 2017)

Over the Easter weekend I read in the Guardian how President Trump is coming in for heavy criticism.

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Winchester is changing... (23 Mar 2017)

Winchester is changing. That is happening too fast for some and nowhere near fast enough for others.

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Stranger Danger lessons (23 Feb 2017)

One hundred and fifty years ago this August, eight year old Fanny Adams was playing with her sister in their home town of Alton when a man approached them with money for sweets.

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ASKtheNHS (26 Jan 2017)

The turn of the year saw widespread coverage of the winter pressures facing our NHS.

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Looking back at 2016 (15 Dec 2016)

Christmas is the one time of year when an MP's mailbag slows a little and, I must admit, I am looking forward to some time with the family and a period of reflection after what has been an extraordinary year.

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The Homelessness Reduction Bill (24 Nov 2016)

Conventional wisdom would have you believe there is no other story in Westminster these days outside of Brexit.

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Breast cancer data is vital to improve care (27 Oct 2016)

Chronicle readers wil remember me writing previously about the battle against breast cancer.

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Priority NHS (29 Sep 2016)

Six years ago, when I was first elected, I said the local NHS would be my top priority. That hasn't changed.

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The future of farming (01 Sep 2016)

Views of harvest during August remind us that agriculture is a key component of the local economy, employing a great many people.

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Brexit, the economy, environment and trade (28 Jul 2016)

As Parliament rises, and I embark on my Summer Tour, we reflect on an almost unparalleled time in British politics.

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Jo Cox MP and the EU Referendum (30 Jun 2016)

Harold Wilson famously said 'a week is a long time in politics' and I can't remember a time when that was more true that it is today.

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Special EU debate and academies (26 May 2016)

No matter how hard we try - and some will really try - it will be near impossible to avoid the EU referendum being held next month.

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