Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

Health and schools funding (09 Aug 2018)

As a health minister in the current Government, I am familiar with calls for extra public spending.

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Childhood obesity (19 Jul 2018)

It's tough being a parent these days. We all want our children to be healthy, happy and active but it's hard in a world filled with temptation.

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The High Street - and business rates... (14 Jun 2018)

One of my favourite books is Look Up Winchester which is a self-tltled 'tour of Winchester's hostoric High Street above the eyeline, with stories behind its facades.'

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Cycle Winchester (17 May 2018)

Many readers of the Hampshire Chronicle will share my passion for cycling and no doubt frustration that Winchester - and the surrounding area - is not yet the safe cycling space it could be.

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Environmental zeal (19 Apr 2018)

Regular readers of my column will remember how, back in November, I made reference to the zeal with which Michael Gove has set about his work as Environment Secretary. I think it is fair to say in the time since he has not let up!

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NHS pay rise (29 Mar 2018)

Last week, many of my constituents working in the National Health Service received the welcome news that they are set for a pay rise, and it goes without saying it is hugely deserved.

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Rehab and ACT FAST (22 Feb 2018)

As reported in the Hampshire Chronicle, I recently visited Hobbs Rehabilitation in Martyr Worthy which was incredibly worthwhile; both as the local MP but also as England's Public Health Minister.

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The benefits of BoomTown (25 Jan 2018)

There has been discussion in recent weeks of BoomTown Fair and plans to increase the size of the festival over the next two years.

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Churches Together Prayer Breakfast (21 Dec 2017)

Fittingly for the season, last Friday I took part in a special Prayer Breakfast organised by Winchester Churches Together at the Guildhall.

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Bees and a busy few months for the environment (30 Nov 2017)

An MP's postbag can be a revealing snapshot of what constituents feel passionate about.

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Council homes, health and local students (26 Oct 2017)

I found myself in Manchester earlier this month and one thing I remember from Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party Conference speech was her announcement that a new generation of council houses will be built, with an extra £2billion of funding going into the affordable housing budget.

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M3 and the threats we face (02 Oct 2017)

Last Saturday's nightmare on the M3 was a reminder that the threats we face are becoming more complex and diverse.

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Royal Hampshire County Hospital (24 Aug 2017)

When I was first elected, more than seven years ago, I remember people predicting the imminent closure of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

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Local school funding (27 Jul 2017)

There has been much talk this year about the future of school funding and it rightly featured heavily during the recent General Election campaign.

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We all have a part to play in unity over division (22 Jun 2017)

After a break from my column last month during the General Election it is good to be back.

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Syria, North Korea and Easter (20 Apr 2017)

Over the Easter weekend I read in the Guardian how President Trump is coming in for heavy criticism.

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Winchester is changing... (23 Mar 2017)

Winchester is changing. That is happening too fast for some and nowhere near fast enough for others.

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Stranger Danger lessons (23 Feb 2017)

One hundred and fifty years ago this August, eight year old Fanny Adams was playing with her sister in their home town of Alton when a man approached them with money for sweets.

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ASKtheNHS (26 Jan 2017)

The turn of the year saw widespread coverage of the winter pressures facing our NHS.

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Looking back at 2016 (15 Dec 2016)

Christmas is the one time of year when an MP's mailbag slows a little and, I must admit, I am looking forward to some time with the family and a period of reflection after what has been an extraordinary year.

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The Homelessness Reduction Bill (24 Nov 2016)

Conventional wisdom would have you believe there is no other story in Westminster these days outside of Brexit.

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Breast cancer data is vital to improve care (27 Oct 2016)

Chronicle readers wil remember me writing previously about the battle against breast cancer.

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Priority NHS (29 Sep 2016)

Six years ago, when I was first elected, I said the local NHS would be my top priority. That hasn't changed.

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The future of farming (01 Sep 2016)

Views of harvest during August remind us that agriculture is a key component of the local economy, employing a great many people.

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Brexit, the economy, environment and trade (28 Jul 2016)

As Parliament rises, and I embark on my Summer Tour, we reflect on an almost unparalleled time in British politics.

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Jo Cox MP and the EU Referendum (30 Jun 2016)

Harold Wilson famously said 'a week is a long time in politics' and I can't remember a time when that was more true that it is today.

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Special EU debate and academies (26 May 2016)

No matter how hard we try - and some will really try - it will be near impossible to avoid the EU referendum being held next month.

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Academies (28 Apr 2016)

I was in the House of Commons even earlier than usual on Budget day. MPs meet over breakfast in the Members' Tea Room to digest the newspapers and discuss what the Chancellor might pull from his hat.

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National Living Wage and cutting taxes (07 Apr 2016)

It has been said there are no big arguments left in politics today. Both parties are apparently now the same.

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The EU Referendum (25 Feb 2016)

One of the key campaigns I ran in the last Parliament was my 'Name the Date' push for our promised European Union referendum, and we now know it will be held on Thursday June 23rd.

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Legal Highs and IncuHive (28 Jan 2016)

It's been said many times that a backbench MP has limited power but, potentially, a great deal of influence. More than five years in, I agree with that.

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2015 round-up (17 Dec 2015)

I have no idea where the time went but this is my final column of 2015; a year which has been eventful, exciting, tragic and extremely hard work.

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Economic and National Security (26 Nov 2015)

We said at the election in May, this government would be about security - economic and national. This week in parliament it has been about both.

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Prison reform ane the Texas way (29 Oct 2015)

As the evenings draw in, May's General Election seems like a long time ago but it's worth remembering it was only five months since the Government was elected.

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Conference season, assisted dying, Jeremy Corbyn and summerborn children (24 Sep 2015)

Mild days and cold nights can only mean one thing; conference season is almost upon us. Things kick off next week with the Labour Party in Brighton followed by the Conservatives in Manchester and then Parliament returns and a seemingly changed political landscape.

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Mental Health and young people (03 Sep 2015)

Earliert this month the Government confirmed it will invest £143m in improving children's mental health services this year.

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Summer Budget, Assisted Dying and cancer survival (30 Jul 2015)

A new Parliament, and especially this one, is always super-charged with activity. I am busy at the Department of Health and we've a packed legislative agenda in Government time. 

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Priority NHS, schools and PMQs (25 Jun 2015)

A constituent stopped me in the supermarket the other day and asked whether we are back in Parliament after last month's General Election.

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The General Election and the Queen's Speech (04 Jun 2015)

The truth is, it's less than a month since the General Election, and while time moves on, the excitement of May 7 2015 will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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Highlights of five years as our local MP (26 Mar 2015)

Being elected to Parliament for the first time, as happened to me five years ago, is quite something but being thrust into a new Government is an experience I will never forget.

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Priority NHS and mental health (26 Feb 2015)

My constituents will be very aware by now of my interest in all matter relating to the health service. I said from day one it would be my priority, and I've remained true to that promise; both in Westminster and locally where I've immersed myself in really understanding the issues.

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School visits, M3 success and station safety (29 Jan 2015)

Every week when the House is sitting I host visits to Westminster from constituents.

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Christmas comes early for M3 works (18 Dec 2014)

Like many parents, I'm sure, I keep telling my children that Father Christmas is busy in his workshop preparing their presents.

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Birthdays, flooding and our Christmas city (27 Nov 2014)

November is birthday month in the Brine household and, fun as it unquestionably is, any fellow parent of very young children will know why Susie and I cling onto the briefest respite before the Christmas campaign begins.

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Jobs, breast cancer and success on termtime holidays (30 Oct 2014)

Two stories have caught my eye in this newspaper in recent weeks.

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Addressing the West Lothian Question (25 Sep 2014)

I have a constituent, Rev John Cutter, who wastes no opportunity to raise the unfairness of the West Lothian Question with me.

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ASKtheNHS meeting this September (21 Aug 2014)

Since my election in May 2010, I have organised a series of open meetings to debate key local, national and international issues.

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Railway station safety progress (31 Jul 2014)

Throughout my first term as Winchester MP I have tried to organise interesting (and hopefully useful) public meetings from time to time.

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Coppafeel! Mr Juncker and a busy street surgery (04 Jul 2014)

Some Chronicle readers may be aware of the work I do in Parliament as Chair of the All-Party Breast Cancer Group.

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Primary school places, floods and local elections (29 May 2014)

Last month I wrote about the subject of primary school places and my advice was; not to panic if you haven't been offered your first choice, get your appeal in, contact me as your MP, and remember things can often change.

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Springtime and school places (01 May 2014)

Spring is a magical time of year. Easter with its positive message (and its chocolate), the stunning rapeseed fields surrounding us, and some warm days with the promise of more to come.

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The Budget and good news for Micheldever (27 Mar 2014)

From where I was sitting (which was right behind the chancellor) last week's Budget looked like a good one.

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Floods, COBRA and Ask the NHS (27 Feb 2014)

Last weekend I spoke with my predecessor and as we compared notes on the floods of 2000 and those of 2014, we agreed these are among the times when a constituency MP can really make a difference.

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Turning 40 with a timely Health Check (30 Jan 2014)

This week I turn 40. My kids seem genuinely excited by the idea of a birthday (or put another way, chocolate cake) in the house, but I can't say I'm exactly over the moon.

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Christmas, the Autumn Statement and good news for the station (19 Dec 2013)

I am looking forward to a break and some upbroken family time this Christmas. It's been a really busy year for me and I must confess I haven't felt even a little bit Christmassy until this week when our two (Emily was an angel while William, in his first, was a very cute shepherd), took to the stage in the traditional nativity heart-melt.

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Rehabilitation, preparing for Christmas and birthdays (21 Nov 2013)

As the ice rink and Christmas market returns to our Christmas city, thoughts inevitably turn to the reason for the season.

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Chandler's Ford station, primary places and meeting the Queen (24 Oct 2013)

The past three and a half years have allowed me to do some incredible things and meet some amazing people.

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Early intervention, Big Society and the Worthys Festival (26 Sep 2013)

The past few weeks have given me an opportunity to speak about two subjects I remain passionate about; early intervention and the big society.

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Texas Special (21 Aug 2013)

Last month I visited the United States with the Commons Justice Committee to learn about criminal justice - Texas style.

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Summer Tour, local business and THAT junction (25 Jul 2013)

Some people believe MPs put their feet up each summer when Parliament is in recess, and some may even do that but it's really not my style.

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Casework, carers and local business awards (20 Jun 2013)

As you would imagine, I regularly host school visits at the House of Commons and someone always asks what is the best thing about my job, which is easy for me -  it's the sheer variety of what I get to do each day and the casework I am able to do on behalf of those needing help.

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A referendum on Europe (23 May 2013)

Last week MPs were banging on about Europe. That included me, and for the record, I voted for an amendment to the Queen's Speech regretting the fact it left out a Bill fixing in legislation that promised a referendum on our membership of the EU in 2017.

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Litterpickers, WAG and local football (02 May 2013)

There has been renewed debate in recent weeks as to whether there is such a thing as society; most of it in the wake of Baroness Thatcher's passing.

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The Budget (28 Mar 2013)

Whatever your view of Chancellor George Osborne (and we've certainly had our differences) you have to admit he plays a bad hand rather well.

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Transforming Youth Custody (28 Feb 2013)

Last week saw something of a holy grail when it comes to policy making, especially in the area of criminal justice.

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High Street safety and retailing (31 Jan 2013)

Every now and then I set aside a couple of hours to undertake some canvassing among the retail businesses in my constituency.

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Christmas footfall, new council homes and supporting posties (20 Dec 2012)

Last month, I said how we need Christmas in Winchester to be a really good one for our retailers and it would seem early reports are positive.

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Christmas in the city, Abu Qutada and breast cancer screening (22 Nov 2012)

Hard as it is to believe, the Christmas lights are up again, Winchester's wonderful Christmas market is open and the opportunity for an MP to fall flat on the ice in Cathedral Close is there for all to see!

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Barton Farm, Alresford boundary and Wessex Dance Academy (01 Nov 2012)

Recent weeks have seen arguably one of the biggest decisions affecting Winchester for decades, as CALA Homes were finally granted outline planning permission to build 2,000 houses on Barton Farm.

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Conference season, the Work Programme and Basics Bank (27 Sep 2012)

For those of you who haven't noticed, it's party conference season and I am sure my constituents can scarcely contain themselves!

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Olympics, the legacy, and Summer Tour (16 Aug 2012)

As I write this month's column it is starting to rain a little and I think (like many of you) I have a bit of an Olympics hangover.

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Tour de Brine, Lords Reform and HCC primary places investment (26 Jul 2012)

As we stand on the eve of the London Olympics, what better way to start than a British win at the Tour de France.

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Winchester BID, Eurozone and new council homes (28 Jun 2012)

After Italy and another penalty shoot out, I am reminded of that most English of refrains... anyone for tennis?

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Watercress, power cuts and new school campaign (24 May 2012)

Last weekend I was in Alresford at the world-famous Watercress Festival. Alongside renowned cook- and fellow judge, Sophie Grigson- I tasted more than 60 different versions of watercress soup which was quite an experience.

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Lords reform, a bomb scare and a new Bishop (26 Apr 2012)

What will Hampshire Chronicle readers talk about in the pub or round the dinner table this weekend? Jobs, the wider economy, the health service, Mr Sarkozy or even (and please whisper this) anything but politics?


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Leading a debate on first time buyers (22 Mar 2012)

The prospects these days for first time buyers ever getting on the housing ladder look bleak, and as we all know this is a subject very pertinent across Winchester & Chandler's Ford.

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JSC, miscarriage and welcoming Schools Minister (08 Mar 2012)

Eagle-eyed Chronicle readers will have spotted my new role as a member of the influential Justice Select Committee.

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Primary School Places (26 Jan 2012)

Anyone who's been through the process of making a primary school application in recent years will know it can be akin to moving house as a source of stress. This month so far we have done both.

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Eurozone crisis and the veto (29 Dec 2011)

While the coalition's legislative programme has been light in recent weeks it's hardly been a quiet end to the year.

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Eurozone, Remembrance Sunday, Ovarian Cancer and Bill Gates (24 Nov 2011)

Christmas may be drawing near, certainly Winchester has that sense of excitement which makes the city so lovely at this time of year. But MPs have a lot to do before the turkey is served.

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EU, city centre market and HMP Winchester (27 Oct 2011)

This week may be half-term, but it's been all go in Westminster!

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Debt crisis, G20 and Alresford police meeting (22 Sep 2011)

Autumn is my favourite time of year and the views appearing around Winchester show you why.


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Catching up, the criminal riots and an opportunity. (18 Aug 2011)

I stand by my view that when the sun shines, a holiday in this country is as good as anywhere on Earth.


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Catching up, out and about , and RHCH (28 Jul 2011)

Almost August and the traditional holiday season will be upon us.

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JLS farce, Tennis For Free and the Energy Bill (23 Jun 2011)

There are so many ways to make a difference as a member of the House of Commons- some big, many small, but all worthwhile to someone.

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Foreign affairs, mayors, and farewell to Bishop Michael (19 May 2011)

As I write this column, the news is (at least in part) dominated by foreign affairs.

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Steve's bulging caseload (28 Apr 2011)

Next week marks one year since I was elected as your local Member of Parliament. To say that year has flown by is an understatement but it has been the most incredible 12-months you can imagine.

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Budget and AV referendum (31 Mar 2011)

I want to focus on two things only this month – the budget and the referendum.

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Forests, forests, forests! (24 Feb 2011)

There has been one issue above all others dominating my postbag these past few weeks. Not the record budget deficit, and all the difficult decisions tackling it will require, not even the radical education or health reforms ...

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Localism Bill and focus on health (27 Jan 2011)

Given this is my first column of 2011, a very Happy New Year to all Chronicle readers. Many parents with young children will know exactly what I mean when I say ...

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A new baby and work goes on (16 Dec 2010)

Some might say we've had enough excitement in the Brine family this year but, never ones for the quiet life, we thought we'd put a new baby into the mix just before Christmas!

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Tackling appalling national debt (11 Nov 2010)

As a member of the House of Commons I am of course duty bound to hold Ministers to account and question everything they do but it is also my job to help the coalition get its programme through ...

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Conservative Party conference (14 Oct 2010)

We've had good news and bad in the Brine household since I last wrote. A close family member lost his life after a tragic road accident leaving behind a wife and three children under-10 ...

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The summer fetes in full swing (16 Sep 2010)

There is more than a hint of Autumn in the air and (aside from it being my favourite time of year) that means the party conference season and the beginning of a new political term. I had my new pencil case and lunchbox ready early this year ...

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Summer heat and recess (26 Aug 2010)

I can only pray, for those still on holiday, that by the time you read this column Summer 2010 has had a second wind. Susie, Emily, Popcorn and I finally took a family holiday earlier this month near Bude in Cornwall ...

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Steve's first PMQ (22 Jul 2010)

The General Election may only seem like yesterday but Parliament begins its' shortened Summer recess this week. It's been a truly amazing first few months ...

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Maiden speech and first month (24 Jun 2010)

It has been quite a week, in Westminster and Winchester. On Monday I was fortunate enough to make my maiden speech in the House of Commons. I decided not to rush it ...

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My first column (24 May 2010)

Steve Brine's first column as the new Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP for the Hampshire Chronicle in May 2010.

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