Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

13 JUN 2016

MP and predecessor united on Europe vote

Steve Brine and Mark Oaten have joined forces to urge a Remain vote next week.

The city's current and former MP have nearly twenty years representing the area between them, and although from different political backgrounds they are united in the belief that Britain's best interests are served with a vote to Remain on 23rd June.

Steve Brine MP said: "The European Union is far from perfect and needs to change if it's to survive, with or without the UK.  It's no secret I've been unimpressed with both sides in this referendum campaign and many of the claims, and counter-claims, which are almost impossible to prove one way or the other.

"I actually think we politicians have actually over-complicated things. I have no doubt this country could survive outside the EU but, on balance, feel we are stronger, safer and better off working together. Yes we pool a degree of sovereignty to be a member of the EU, as we do to belong to NATO or the United Nations, but that's what a confident, outward looking country does. We shouldn't live our national life by fear alone.

"My belief is that it's as daft to suggest staying in is a golden goose for the British people as it is to say leaving will lead us to a land of milk and honey. At the end of the day, we all have to make an on balance judgement at this one moment in time and mine is we're better off working together in a reformed Europe."

Mark Oaten said: "I am delighted Steve and I agree on this critical issue. My big fear is a no vote will result in years of uncertain negotiations creating massive problems for the economy and housing prices, as we are thrown into years of uncertainty.

"I now work in a global business and fear the negative impact leaving the EU would bring. I see first-hand how important the EU is to trade and we must not risk leaving."

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