A34 safety campaigns kicks off in Parliament

Steve Brine joined a group of MPs who represent constituencies along the A34 as they debated safety on the road in Parliament.


Led by Ed Vaizey, who represents Wantage, the Westminster Hall debate acknowledged the economic importance of the A34, used by 79,000 vehicles each day, but said major improvements were needed as the road was no longer 'fit for purpose'.

Steve Brine said: "I know many of my constituents use the A34 on a regular basis, and they will not be surprised to learn that there were nearly 2,000 accidents between 2010 and 2014, and on the section running between the M40 and the M4 at Chieveley, there were sadly 32 fatalities.

"There are often very troublesome delays, alongside issues around Bullington Cross just past Sutton Scotney, with a number of accidents there."

Transport Minister John Hayes was present in the debate, and he acknowledged that the A34 has been of concern for a considerable length of time, with topography issues and the number of HGVs moving north from the Port of Southampton.

Steve Brine continued: "We are at the very early stages here, but I am very pleased that the government has committed to meeting us formally to explore further technical changes we can make to improve safely and congestion.

"I am personally due to meet with the local A34 campaign group shortly, and very much look forward to being able to contribute to this much-needed, and very complex, piece of work in the coming months."

Mr Brine is also calling for evidence from constituents who use the road, and local people who wish to help can email steve.brine.mp@parliament.uk