Backing KeepOut in the Commons

Steve Brine highlighted the charity KeepOut in Justice Questions on Tuesday 8th November, as he urged the Government to take an even closer look at the crime diversion scheme.

KeepOut is the first ever crime diversion scheme to be delivered by dedicated teams of serving prisoners, managed by civilian staff, inside UK prisons. These prisoners are trained by KeepOut to run intervention programmes for young people that inform, support and divert those between 13 and 17 who are either at risk of entering the criminal justice system or are already involved in criminal activity.

Steve said: "I am absolutely clear that keeping people out of prison and dealing with recidivism are areas we need to take head on. The work that KeepOut does not only aims to steer young people away from the conveyor belt to a criminal life but is also a positive step for many prisoners on their rehabilitation journey."

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