Bishop hosts Explore Hampshire

Steve Brine attends special 'explore' event at Wolvesey Palace hosted by Bishop Michael.

Prospective Winchester MP, Steve Brine, attended a special function this lunchtime (Wednesday 19 September) in support of Explore Hampshire.

Explore is a registered educational charity that enables young people in schools, colleges and prisons to explore the experience of couples and, through this study, to appreciate lasting relationship skills, emotional literacy, family life and marriage.

The Explore (Hampshire) Local Community Action Team, led by Winchester's Rex Chester, is thriving and is currently working in 21 of the county's schools.

Prospective Winchester MP, Steve Brine, said; "There’s no way we can tackle the symptoms of social breakdown, like crime and anti-social behaviour, unless we tackle the causes of social breakdown.

"The number one cause of social breakdown is family breakdown.  Former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith, produced a powerful report earlier this year with an emphasis on strengthening families and I will be pressing my party hard to see some of his ideas appear in our final manifesto when it is produced before the next election.  This is not about attacking families who don’t fit the traditional model, and it’s high time we moved beyond such one dimensional debate in this country.

“Explore are a truly inspiring organisation, run by people who are prepared to stand up and be counted and to help young people develop long-term and meaningful relationships that will hopefully lead to a stable and happy family life as they become adults.  Their work with young people in our schools, and in Winchester prison, is a serious attempt to make a difference to peoples’ lives and should be applauded.”

The event at Wolvesey, which was hosted by one of the charity's patron's, the Bishop of Winchester (The Right Reverend Michael Scott-Joynt) was held as a thank you for supporters of the group and above all their couples who operate the programmes.

Pictured above are Steve Brine and his wife Susie. 

Can you help Explore? Why not visit their website to find out much more about what's involved and volunteer?