Conservatives oppose ID card plan

Expensive plan is not the answer to the question says Steve Brine.

Local Conservatives have made clear their opposition to Government’s plans to introduce ID cards.

Parliamentary Candidate, Steve Brine says, “"ID Cards are a bad idea in our view.  They will do nothing to improve the safety of us living here in Winchester and Chandler's Ford.  They are not the answer to the threat of terrorism, to benefit fraud, to illegal immigration human trafficking or identity theft.  They are a waste of money and an incoming Conservative Government will abolish them.

"At a time when our local hospital is having to find ever more cash savings to balance its books, it is an insult to be even considering spending £20bn of our money on ID Cards.  Instead of these expensive, intrusive and ineffective ID Cards, the money should be spent on worthwhile projects to cut crime - such as a dedicated UK Border Police, more prison spaces and increasing the number of residential drug rehabilitation places."