Election success in Hiltingbury

The Conservatives consolidated their strong position in Hiltingbury on Thursday 5th May with big wins in both wards, as they welcomed a new face to Eastleigh Borough Council.

Well-known councillor Mike Hughes, who has long been established in the area and is known for his tireless work across the community, was comfortably re-elected to Hiltingbury West with a majority of over 300, while Daniel Hatfield, who was standing for the first time, won with a majority of over 400 in Hiltingbury East.

Steve Brine said: "I am delighted to see Mike back in position, which is well-deserved as he works so hard for his ward. In addition, I know that Daniel will bring a fresh perspective and bags of energy in representing Hiltingbury East, and I wish them both well."

Pictured; Steve joins Daniel and Mike at Fryern Funtasia last week