Extra parking at Winchester station

Winchester railway station is set to undergo construction works in the autumn as SWT build a new decked car park creating 60 extra spaces.


The work, which will start in September, will provide the Stockbridge Road car park with more security and extra CCTV cameras, a new Help Point, clearly identified walkways and new lighting.

The area of the car park adjacent to Stockbridge Road, about 200 spaces, will be closed during the construction works, while the area of the car park adjacent to the track, including the decked car park will remain open, about 400 spaces, and will be dedicated to current car park season ticket holders only before 9.30am.

Steve Brine said: "While understandably there will be some disruption, I am acutely aware that commuters need more parking spaces, and am pleased to see the increased security measures that will form a part of this work."

Pictured; A regular commuter, Steve has long-campaigned for improvements to the service and the station


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SWT information page https://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/plan-your-journey/planned-improvements/improving-your-railway/stations/winchester/