Fryern ASB consultation set to be launched

A consultation will be launched next week to look at ways of tackling the anti social behaviour experienced by local shoppers at Fryern Arcade.

A group of daytime drinkers who have assembled at the popular shopping location has been increasingly disturbing both shop-owners and customers over the past few months, including reported incidents of drunken behaviour and urinating in the street.

Eastleugh Borough Council will consult local people on the introduction of a 'Public Space Protection Order' (PSPO), which will create a no-drinking zone in the centre of Chandler's Ford, including the main Winchester Rd and its offshoots around the Fryern Arcade.

Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine said: "We have similar zones in the centre of Winchester and they send a message but are not a panacea. I welcome the consultation and see no harm in a PSPO for the area if there's local support for one but it should in my view go hand in hand with education and outreach work through schools and even the nearby churches to address the underlying issues."

Local borough councillor, and parish council chair Cllr Margaret Atkinson added: "I very much share local concerns, and the anti-social behaviour has deterred shoppers from using the Arcade. I would welcome the introduction of a PSPO as this will enable the Police to control this type of behaviour.

"However I would not want the use of such an order to be abused, as I, along with many residents, have concerns for the wellbeing of the homeless, and want to them to be properly supported."

Pictured; STeve with local councillors Judith Grajewski (left) and Margaret Atkinson (right)


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The consultation will run from Tuesday 31st May until Monday 11th July.

You can access the consultation from Tuesday here  or by emailing