Harestock Primary School visit to Parliament

Steve Brine welcomed a group of students from Harestock Primary School to the House of Commons on Thursday 14th July.


The visit had been organised by Parliament's Education Service, which teaches children about the role, processes and history of Parliament and find out how they can engage more actively in their democracy.

Steve, who gave out certificates to all those who took part, was able to drop in and meet the group, and then take part in a wide-ranging Q&A session.

He said: "The Education Service is a fantastic tool we have in the House to teach youngsters more about what we do here, how government and Parliament works, and the processes of our democracy.

"I am always thrilled to be able to come along to meet groups of my younger constituents, and answer the questions they put forward.  I see teaching young people about what we do as a very important part of my role, and look forward to taking part in more sessions as this Parliament progresses.

"Best question from this session has to be which Prime Minister out of David Cameron and Theresa May do you prefer.  That one required a very diplomatic answer!"

Headteacher Jackie Sankey said: "The children at Harestock Primary were inspired by the tour, workshop and indeed the session with Steve Brine. We were very proud of how the children thought of interesting questions to ask Steve, to develop their understanding of democracy further and the work of a Member of Parliament.

"To be able to secure a school's visit to the Houses of Parliament was amazing. The children gained so much from this trip and we are already looking forward to planning next year's visit."


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