Hobbs at Acquired Brain Injury event

Hobbs Rehabilitation made the trip from Martyr Worthy to Parliament this week to attend a special event in Speaker's House.

The All-Party Group for Acquired Brain Injury held the reception to highlight ABI and its' report 'Time for Change' which calls on the Government to take a cross-Whitehall approach to what is a leading cause of death and disability in the United Kingdom.

Writing in the forward to the report, APPG Chair Chris Bryant says; "ABI is a chronic condition with ‘hidden’ disabilities and life-long consequences. The excellent advances in emergency and acute medicine mean that many more children, young people and adults now survive with an ABI, however, many of these individuals require early and continued access to neurorehabilitation to optimise their recovery and maximise their long-term potential."

Steve Brine, while the Public Health Minister, responded to the APPG report on behalf of the Government and says there's a long way to go; "I was determined we'd do better from the Department of Health perspective but this is so much bigger than one Department and requires Cabinet Office leadership.

"We need to recognise that the commissioning of recovery from ABI, in health terms and the way the education system for-example, handle young people impacted, is far from right. And we need to recognise that rehab matters which is why it was so good to see Hobbs at the event to continue making that case.

"I am so glad to support the APPG now I have left office, as I did when I was serving in Government, and will be helping the group get the ear of the new Prime Minister."

Pictured; Steve Brine with Nicky Ellis (left) and Helen Hobbs at the event in Speaker's House.

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