Meeting with Hampshire Police Federation

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine joined his fellow Hampshire MPs as they met representatives from the Hampshire Police Federation on Tuesday 10th May.

They discussed a wide range of issues where county police officers have concerns, and listened carefully to views on the Winsor Review, pensions and public expenditure.

The subject of a fully independent Royal Commission on policing also came up.

Sir George Young, MP for North West Hampshire said: "Our view is that the expenditure of time and money on such a review would outweigh the benefits- while our focus should instead be on pushing ahead with reforms to the police service and dealing with the deficiencies in the current model that have been highlighted over a long period of time."

Steve added: "It is our view that Britain has the finest and most professional police officers in the world. I greatly respect the work that they carry out in every community across the country, and they should- and do- enjoy our full support.

"Hampshire has one of the best performing forces in the country and that is appreciated by our constituents."

The Home Secretary's priority now is to free police from central control, promote professional judgement, returning accountability to the public and ensuring that the leaders of the service take responsibility for keeping bureaucracy to a minimum.

Pictured; Steve and fellow Hampshire MPs join Federation reps in the Commons