Motocross public consultation re-opened

City planners have decided to re-open the public consultation on controversial plans to allow land at Three Maids Hill to be used for motocross.

The consultation, which is now open until 22nd December 2011, will allow local residents to put forward their views on the site, which has generated large numbers of complaints over the past few years due to the noise of bikes participating in the motocross.

Cllr Stephen Godfrey, who lives on Downs Rd in South Wonston, has spearheaded local objection. He said: "We need as many people as possible to respond to these changes and to the application as a whole in the light of other comments.

"Your previous comments will still be valid and considered in determining the matter, so you may wish to restrict any new comments to these new matters or to any of the other documents that have been submitted since September."

Winchester MP Steve Brine added: "I am pleased that there is now a further chance for local people to voice their opinions on this hugely contentious matter. I do encourage as many people as possible to take part, and once again pay tribute to Stephen for his efforts on behalf of residents across the community."

Pictured; Steve and Stephen have supported residents on the motocross issue for many years

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Take part in the consultation, which closes on 22nd December, at

You can also contact Cllr Stephen Godfrey at or on 01962 884477.