MP backs PM on Europe

Steve Brine has backed the Prime Minister in the wake of last week's European Summit.

The Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP has been inundated with messages from his constituents ever since David Cameron vetoed plans for a new European treaty after British safeguards were not able to be guaranteed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mr Brine said: "On-balance, I think David Cameron's decision has been very well received locally. I talked with the Prime Minister in No.10 before he left for the summit last week and spoke in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon when he reported back to MPs."

The Prime Minister addressed Parliament in a marathon Commons session yesterday afternoon, where he answered over 100 questions and received the backing of Conservatives and a number of Labour MPs. He told MPs that he had been standing up for British interests and had done exactly what he said he would do to safeguard the UK.

Mr Brine continued: "On this occasion I am very supportive of the Government and the PM in particular. Faced with accelerated integration into a United States of Europe via the new Treaty wanted by France and Germany, there was no way Mr Cameron could sign on the dotted line and protect our national interest - let alone take the British people with him.

"I remain of the view that Britain is best placed inside the European Union but ours should be a relationship that much more closely resembles the common market we signed up for. Nothing should prevent the UK pursuing key strategic relationships with our closest neighbours where they benefit this country but neither should we lack the ambition to work with the emerging economies of Asia and the East."

As I said to the Prime Minister during questions in Parliament, 'Europe is at its strongest when it grows through willing cooperation and practical measures not compulsion or bureaucratic dreams'.

The Prime Minister's stance has been met with widespread public support, which crosses traditional party lines, with a handful of polls taken since the weekend suggested support 3-1 in Mr Cameron's favour.

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