MP 'baffled' at volunteer CRB charges

Steve Brine has spoken of his concern after learning of proposals to charge volunteers for portable CRB checks.

Currently, a one-off Criminal Record Bureau check would remain free for volunteers, but the Home Office has said it is 'looking closely' at whether volunteers would have to pay a yearly subscription fee to have the portable check.

Paul Williams, of Winchester Area Community Action, approached Winchester MP Steve Brine with the problem. He said: "This issue of potentially charging volunteers for portable CRB checks could adversely affect the ability of organisations to take people on. This is something that needs to be looked at, especially as we want to keep the 'Big Society' thriving here in Winchester."

Steve added: "I welcome the steps that have been taken by the Government to scale back the criminal records regime to common sense levels, but voluntary organisations have rightly expressed their concerns about these proposals to charge volunteers for portable CRB checks.

"I am baffled at a time when we are actively promoting volunteering that particularly in this economic climate, the Home Office is looking to charge people who are giving up their time and expertise to society for free!

"I am raising this with senior Ministerial colleagues, and I do hope that the department can see sense on this."

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