MP calls for Blue Badge review

Steve Brine is calling for a government review of Blue Badges, after hearing 'very real' concerns about the current scheme from a Winchester resident.

The local MP met with Deirdre Wood, from Hyde, at one of his surgeries recently, where she outlined her concerns that Blue Badges, which allow disabled drivers to park conveniently, do not take into account temporary disabilities.

Steve Brine said: "This is one of those areas of policy where details can often fall between the cracks, and Mrs Wood had very real concerns, from personal experience, that the scheme doesn't work as robustly as it should. Currently, it fails to recognise the fact that a temporary disability, such as a hip replacement, is equally as debilitating as a long-term problem.

"And in addition to the problem over flexibility, when Mrs Wood was issued with a much-needed Blue Badge, it covered the next three years, which is just not necessary."

Mrs Wood said: "I am grateful for Steve taking up this issue. In the grand scheme of things I appreciate it may seem a small issue, but the time it took for me to be allocated a Blue Badge, and then the coverage time, which is far too long for what I really need, doesn't make sense."

Mr Brine added: "I have been able to take this up in Parliament, and spoke to the Minister responsible for Blue Badges formally in the House. I have strongly suggested to him that he consider undertaking a wide ranging review of blue badges."

Steve is keen to hear from constituents who have a view, or evidence, for him as he works on this, and you can contact him via or call 01962 791110.

Pictured; Steve Brine and Deirdre Wood