MP praises response to Covid-19 and makes plea for employer responsibility

Steve Brine has praised the Government’s response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, and also made a plea for employers to take responsibility for containing the virus.

The former Public Health Minister asked the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, if employers had a role to play in preventing the spread of disease, such as by encouraging employees who can work at home to do so.

During his statement to the house, the Health Secretary confirmed that over 7,000 people have been tested in the UK for the virus, with 13 having tested positive, and 8 of those have now been discharged from hospital. He also confirmed that all NHS A&E facilities, including RHCH in Winchester, now had testing facilities for the virus, but he was looking to introduce home testing, to prevent potentially sick people travelling in public.

Steve said; “What level of personal responsibility though would the Secretary of State think that individuals, and employers specifically have? There are alternatives to travel, especially when it comes to business travel, there are technological solutions.”

The Health Secretary replied; “I think this is a very wise question, my Honourable friend is absolutely right to ask it… The truth is, everybody has a role to play, right from the simple things of washing your hands, all the way through to responding in a sensible and proportionate way and I think it’s important to dwell on that.”

Pictured; Steve on his feet in the House of Commons


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