MP pushes message on illegal workers

Steve Brine spoke in the House of Commons on Monday 7th February to ask Immigration Minister Damian Green about new enforcement measures to tackle illegal working.

The Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP also described work local UK Border Agency enforcement officers recently carried out, and said it was a 'clear message' to business owners in Hampshire.

Questioning the Minister, he then said: "I warmly welcome the Minister's speech last week, especially his continued determination to raise the tone of the immigration debate. What new enforcement measures is the UKBA taking to stop illegal working?"

In reply, Damian Green MP said: "I am grateful to my hon. Friend for revealing how effective UKBA enforcement is in his constituency and elsewhere. Along with measures to bring down immigration and ensure that those who come to this country can contribute to it, enforcement against those here illegally continues to be important.

"I am happy to say that over the past year, the UKBA has conducted nearly 6,500 illegal working enforcement visits, making more than 4,000 arrests and serving more than 1,700 penalty notices to employers of illegal labour. Such tough action will send out the message that Britain is no longer a soft touch for illegal immigration."

Speaking afterwards, Steve said: "I was pleased to hear these numbers directly from the Minister for Immigration. It is important that we do not think we are isolated from issues such as this across Winchester & Chandler's Ford, as highlighting recent UKBA work locally goes to show.

"I am very supportive of this tough but fair action, particularly in these straitened times, and will continue to press the case for remaining firmly on top of this issue."

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View the debate on Hansard here, and watch back here.