MP welcomes PJM victory for Malaysia veterans

Steve Brine has welcomed news that veterans of Commonwealth forces serving in East Asia over four decades ago will now be able to wear medals from the King of Malaysia.

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) was commissioned for servicemen who fought against terror and aggression against Indonesian forces in Borneo and Malaysia between 1957 and 1966, but successive governments refused to accept the medal.

Over 500 men were lost in the campaign, and veterans have strongly petitioned to be allowed to wear the medal. In 2006, the government announced that the medal could be accepted but not worn, and it is only now that soldiers will be allowed to wear their medal with pride.

Steve Brine said: "I very much welcome this announcement, and pay tribute to Terry Revell here in Winchester who has really kept up the fight on this. I am delighted that veterans such as Terry will now be allowed to wear the medal, unrestricted and on all occasions. I am very aware that 519 men were killed in the campaign, and I know that the wearing of the medal is as much in memory for fallen comrades as anything else."

Pictured; Steve Brine joins Winchester's Terry Revell, displaying the Pingat Jasa Malaysia