MPs leave Westminster for election

Parliament is dissolved at midnight this evening ahead of the General Election on Thursday 12th December.

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine will be contesting his constituency for the fourth time and posted a short video to his You Tube channel before leaving Westminster this evening.

He says; "You could be forgiven, rather like Brenda from Bristol, in screaming “not another one” and you’d be justified in that because it is less than three years since the country went to polls and this will be the fourth General Election I have fought in a little over nine years.

"But Parliament is deadlocked and we simply cannot carry on like this given the damage this uncertainty and delay is doing to our democracy and how it is undermining confidence in our economy. I speak to constituents all the time, and businesses in our area (and beyond) and it is clear we must move forward as a country.

"This election is about the kind of MP who represents us for the next five years. I’ve done the job for almost a decade which gives me the strength and experience to ensure our voice is heard. I’m standing again on my record as a person you know and can trust.

"And it will determine whether we have a majority Conservative Government or another hung Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in Downing Street. It’s a sobering thought. There’s a great deal at stake and what happens here - no matter how well intentioned - will play a big part in how it ends."

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