New restaurant opens in Alresford

Steve Brine took his family to Alresford on Sunday 20th January as they dropped into a wonderful new Thai restaurant in the Georgian town.

Khin Khao, on Broad Street, has been opened by well-known local restaurateur Miff Kayum, and Steve was delighted to pop in to support the business.

Steve Brine said: “Alresford continues to be a thriving market town but it’s been a tough 12-months and no-one is pretending it’s going to get any easier for the independents.

“That’s one reason why it’s so good to see Khin Khao opened and the investment that’s clearly gone in to his new place on Broad Street.

“I’ve known Miff for many years and, while people in Winchester will be very familiar with his sumptuous cooking, Alresford may not. That’s about the change and they’re in for a treat.”

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Khin Khao