One click rule will make it easier to claim rail compensation

The government has announced that it is introducing a one-click claims system to improve the compensation process for passengers, so that it is quicker and simpler for people who have experienced delays.

New operators of rail franchises are required to introduce new claims arrangements so that passengers need only make one-click to submit their claim once registered rather than entering their details every time. With record levels of claims already being dealt with more speedily, it is vital that we continue to see improvements by developing a one-click system.

Steve Brine, himself a regular rail commuter, said: “This is about making it quicker, easier and fairer for passengers to receive the payments they are entitled to.

“Train companies absolutely must work to make claims as easy as possible for commuters, embracing technological advancements, and new rail franchises will have to inform passengers when they are entitled to claim compensation, such as through mobile phone apps.

"I will now seek a timely meeting with Ministers to see how we can get this working on SWR because my constituents are clear it isn't right now where the compensation process is concerned."

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling made the announcement at today's Conservative Conference in Birmingham.