Plants for People lifting spirits

Local plant nursery, Kirton Farm near Sparsholt, have come up with a unique way to lift local spirits in troubled times.

The firm has given away £246,420 worth of bedding plants to prevent stock going to waste – and to spread a little joy.

Millions of plants, shrubs and trees are set to be binned in the coming weeks as garden centres across the country are shut at what is usually their busiest time of year due to the pandemic, the Horticultural Trade Association has warned.

But the Hairy Pot Plant Company, based at Kirton Farm in Crawley, is handing out country garden plants for free to households in Winchester and the surrounding villages rather than see them composted. The aim of the scheme, dubbed ‘Plants for People’, is to reduce wastage and lift spirits during the Covid-19 crisis.

Teams of volunteers - including local MP Steve Brine - are making surprise deliveries to households in their street or village. Six pots of plants are left outside individual homes with a garden.

In a note left with the flowers, Derek and Caroline Taylor, founders of the Hairy Pot Plant Company, said “During these difficult times all of our customers have had to close their doors, Our plants needs a new home and we hope they have found one with you.

“If you can’t find somewhere for these plants, please share with them a local friend or neighbour, from a safe distance.

“There is no obligation to pay anything for the plants but if you like to and are able to make a contribution to support our small business, then it would be much appreciated.”

Steve adds; "We all know our gardens our places of great sanctuary and that has never been more true than at this time. It is a real thrill to be part of the volunteer team and I love the secret santa nature of the drops although it has to be said some people who saw me making a drop at their house were surprised to see their local MP!"

Pictured; Steve sorting out his latest delivery to residents.

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