Public police meeting held in Alresford

Steve Brine chaired a lively public meeting in Alresford on Wednesday 5th October, as local residents and police met to discuss policing in the town.

Chief Inspector James Fulton and a number of his colleagues were asked a range of questions on matters including CCTV, training of PCSOs, the police station, police productivity, single crewing of police officers and speeding around local villages.

Following the meeting, Steve said: "This was a well attended positive meeting which I hope went some way to reassure residents of future policing plans in Alresford and surrounding areas, especially around the changes planned to the police station. It was a good mix of local councillors, residents and business owners.

"As much as anything I wanted the meeting to help make clear to those right at the top of the local police force that Alresford very much values a local police presence and wishes to keep hold of it for the long-term. I am hugely grateful to the Chief Inspector and his team for taking the time to answer so many questions from local people."

Pictured; Steve chairs the meeting, which was held at the Alresford Community Centre on West Street

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