A skate park vision...

Steve Brine met local skater Steve Willoughby at River Park Leisure Centre on Saturday 10th December to discuss a vision for a new skate park in the city, with the Hampshire Chronicle in attendance.

They spoke about the tired park that currently exists at the leisure centre, and the effect it has had on participation. They also discussed next steps for Steve and Winchester skaters as they seek funding.

Steve said: "We hear endlessly that young people don't have enough to do and, in part, the onus is on all of us to work with young people themselves to put that right. This skate park is very tired and not really fit for purpose anymore, Steve's vision to bring a new state of the art park to Winchester is brilliant and it will have my full support."

Pictured; Steve joins Steve Willoughby at a (very cold!) skate park in the city centre and watch a short-film from Steve Brine TV via the portal (left).






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