Steve Brine meets climate lobbyists

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine met with constituents on Tuesday 30th June, for the annual The Time is Now Mass Lobby.

Constituents who would have travelled to Parliament, if it were not for the Coronavirus, instead logged onto Zoom to discuss climate change and the environment. They called on the UK Government to aim for a sustainable economic recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK, which promotes climate resilient investments and growth in green jobs. They also asked that the UK champion debt relief to enable developing countries already drowning in debt to tackle both the COVID-19 and climate crises, as well as offering them significantly increased grant-based climate finance.

Steve Brine said: “It was a pleasure to Zoom in on many of my constituents in their homes today to discuss climate change and the environment.  I am proud that the UK will be the first G20 country to implement net zero. While the Coronavirus has taken a terrible toll on our country, I agree that we must seize on this opportunity to make real radical change. Every one of the lobby asks is sensible and achievable to my mind.

"As always, my constituents are well informed and come with sensible suggestions and questions as part of an organised lobby such as this. While I would have preferred to see them all in Old Palace Yard, it was lovely to see them at home and I look forward to following up on the many issues we discussed with Ministers.”

Steve met with over 20 constituents, including representatives from Winchester Action on Climate Change and other local organisations.   
The MP was recently one of a group of Conservative MPs to write to the Prime Minister, via the Conservative Environment Network, setting out their plans for a green recovery from Covid.19.

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