Steve's view on the draft Withdrawal Agreement

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP, Steve Brine, has this evening posted his analysis of the draft Withdrawal Agreement agreed between the UK Government and the European Union.

He says; Writing in April 2016, setting out why I intended to vote Remain in the EU referendum to come, I said it was “as silly to suggest staying in is a golden goose for the British people as it is to say leaving will lead us to a land of milk and honey.”

I have not changed that view. Life inside the European Union was not perfect – it required many compromises and created a democratic deficit which drove calls for that to be addressed - and life outside the European Union will not be perfect either."

He outlines some of the key measures contained within the lengthy text and signals why he believes they are in the national interest at this time but, crucially, says in the event the House of Commons cannot resolve this, it is right to keep all options on the table.

He writes; "The country faces a stark set of choices: this deal or no deal. Voting against a deal would take us all back to square one and is neither in the UK or the EU interest.

"We should remember, this is the Withdrawal Agreement not the future relationship. We need this now to ensure an orderly exit from the EU in March 2019. Every MP must look themselves in the eye and ask whether they want to back that or play political games and make no deal possible.

"This is the best deal that can be negotiated and I firmly believe that this withdrawal agreement puts the country on a path towards a good deal that puts practical reality for our economy and our country over theoretical dreamy ideology and is in the British national interest."

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