Terry Waite joins Emmaus in celebrating 20th anniversary

Steve Brine joined Emmaus Hampshire and Terry Waite as the homelessness charity celebrated its 20th anniversary in the House of Lords on May 12th.

The first Emmaus Community opened in Cambridge in 1991. Since then 19 more Emmaus Communities have opened and there are many Emmaus Groups across the country in various stages of development.

Emmaus Hampshire currently has 23 Companions (service users) living and working there. The Community's shops in Bar End, Winchester and Leigh Road, Eastleigh are both trading well, with the recent popular line of new pine furniture boosting sales.

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine said: "I know just how successful the Emmaus Movement has been since 1991, and was delighted to join local representatives, and Terry Waite to celebrate the fantastic work that continues not just here in Winchester but across the country."

Pictured; Steve joined Marie-Anne Mackie, General Manager of Emmaus Hampshire, and Terry Waite, in the Lords

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Emmaus Communities offer homeless people a home, work and the chance to regain self respect in a supportive community environment. Residents work full time on the Community business, renovating and re-selling donated furniture. Communities aim to become self-supporting through their business, with any surplus used to help others in need. Find out more at www.emmaus.org.uk.