Welcome repairs for Teg Down roads

Helen Osborne and Cllr Eileen Berry have joined local MP Steve Brine in warmly welcoming the resurfacing of roads around Teg Down- at long last!

Helen, a local campaigner, said: "The County's Operation Resilience is doing a great job, bringing roads back up to standard after a couple of tough winters.

"Now we need to look at improving the Teg Down pavements and the Council run facilities, such as the overgrown playground, to ensure that Teg Down continues to be a great place to live in".

Steve Brine added: "I am aware from knocking on doors in the area that this was a real concern, and residents had even experienced serious, and expensive, damage to their cars. I am happy the council has finally sorted this out, and would ask anyone with any worries about the roads to get straight in touch."

Pictured; Steve Brine joins local campaigner Helen Osborne