A vision for Winchester?

There is growing unease as piecemeal change excludes residents and threatens local institutions. What do you think?

Local MP, Steve Brine, has spoken out at what he called a lack of “joined up thinking” in Winchester as a series of major projects come to a head. Winchester City Council i s juggling the future of the old River Park Leisure Centre site at the same time as Kings Walk is demanding new investment and the ‘Silver Hill’ regeneration scheme attempts (once again) to move forward.

Steve has called for a “pause for thought” on an exclusive deal WCC signed with Southampton University to explore the future use of the River Park site.

Many residents have raised concerns about the lack of consultation before the decision was taken and that led to a successful legal challenge brought by the newly formed Friends of River Park.

Meanwhile, an explosion of support has greeted a campaign to keep the city’s skate park located at North Walls.

Steve says; “Winchester has got so much on its plate right now, recovering from the pandemic and attempting to make progress with Silver Hill which is, in itself, a growing concern for many as the council seem set to repeat the mistakes of the past and appoint a single developer for the site.”

He adds; “On River Park, clearly the site needs a plan - it’s an eyesore - but it should be one properly consulted on in a way which takes my constituents with it. More widely, I think many of us are increasingly concerned at how any of these major projects fit together – be that economic, cultural or educational – into a coherent vision for Winchester that doesn’t negatively impact existing institutions.”

“Time for WCC to pause for thought and be a lot more strategic.”

Pictured; What some residents have to say to Winchester City Council and Steve Brine with local residents at the current skate park behind the old leisure centre.

What do you think?

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