Act of Remembrance 2011

Steve Brine joined fellow Hampshire MPs in Winchester on Friday 11th November to mark Armistice Day.

Following the two-minute silence and a short Remembrance Service at Hampshire County Council's Memorial Plaque, Hampshire County Council Chairman, Cllr Anna McNair-Scott, launched Hampshire's Heroes Welcome scheme, which aims to give support, quiet recognition and a little extra hospitality to Armed Forces personnel and their families.

Heroes Welcome is a well-established community partnership, supporting the Armed Forces 365 days of the year. In launching the Heroes Welcome scheme in Hampshire, the County joined a growing network of towns and cities across the UK in showing their open support for the British Armed Forces.

Approximately 22,000 serving personnel are stationed in Hampshire, in addition to around 6,000 civilians directly employed by the Armed Forces in Hampshire.

Steve Brine said: "Armistice Day is always a time for close reflection, and today was no different here in Winchester. It was really heartwarming to see the Heroes Welcome launch afterwards, which really wants to give recognition for work that so many do that is often completely unseen back here in Britain."

Cllr McNair Scott said: "All I am asking is that where a Heroes Welcom' logo or sticker is displayed, then you agree to give a special warm welcome to members of the Armed Forces. You may also like to offer a small discount or service upgrade, but that is entirely up to you.

"We can all thank a helpful police officer, fireman, nurse or doctor, but a soldier, sailor or member of the air force does his or her work and we, the ordinary British public, never really get a chance to say a proper thank you. Joining Heroes Welcome helps to remind our heroes that they are indeed very welcome in Hampshire, particularly as we are the only county that has all three services based here."

Pictured; Steve joins fellow Hampshire MPs Damian Hinds, James Arbuthnot, Sir George Young and Desmond Swayne, pictured with Cllr Anna McNair Scott

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