Hampshire Chronicle column

Hampshire Chronicle column 24 September 2020

This month I wrote for our main local paper about my work for the early years sector, follow-up to the Kings Worthy school bus crash and, as fall-out continues following my workplace destination column last month, I reveal Winchester City Council's response to my challenge ...

Hampshire Chronicle column 27 August 2020

Winchester has a unique opportunity to become a real workplace destination but does it have the leadership and the ambition? Read Steve Brine's hard-hitting and challenging column published in the Hampshire Chronicle ...

Hampshire Chronicle column 23 July 2020

‘Be honest over hospital says MP’ read the headline on last week’s Hampshire Chronicle.

Let me expand on that; starting with three indisputable truths.

Hampshire Chronicle column 25 June 2020

Recent unrest, here and in the US, following the death of George Floyd has shocked two nations already reeling from political turbulence and a pandemic that’s killed tens of thousands.

Hampshire Chronicle column 28 May 2020

Work continues at pace as MPs respond to the Covid-19 outbreak and I’m doing my best, using all my experience, to signpost the very latest to constituents and businesses. Tough times.

Hampshire Chronicle column 19th March2020

Three years ago, when I was first appointed UK Public Health Minister, I was taken to Porton Down; the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory for which I had Ministerial responsibility.