Packed audience hears EU debate

Steve Brine chaired a packed debate on the EU referendum as part of the inaugural Winchester Speakers Festival on Sunday 15th May.

Held at Winchester Discovery Centre, the 180-seat venue was a sell-out as local people heard from Denis MacShane and Robert Buckland MP for the Remain side, and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Dan Hannan MEP for the Leave campaign.

Also on the panel was James Forsyth, of The Spectator and The Sun, offering his objective views as the arguments were made.

After opening remarks from the panel, audience members were invited to ask questions, and there were a range of questions on the future of our economy, democracy and the possible accession of Turkey.

Speaking afterwards, Steve Brine said: "This was such a fantastic event, and a great addition to Winchester Speakers Festival.

"We were honoured to have such an illustrious panel and the venue worked so well, enabling the panel to really interact each other. Hopefully the evening allowed the audience to look deeper into all the issues involved in this referendum."

Event organiser Mark Rattray added: "We were very pleased with the response we got from a clearly erudite and well-informed audience and an outstanding panel of speakers. Many thanks to Steve Brine for his support in recruiting some of the key players in the national debate and to all who came for such a good-natured, thoughtful and often witty exchange of ideas."

Pictured; top - Dan Hannan, Denis MacShane, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Brine, Robert Buckland and James Forsyth, and left - the discussion is underway


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