Pulling pints at the Easton Fete

Steve Brine took his family to the Easton Fete on Monday 29th August, where he was co-opted to man the bar!

The Itchen Valley MP saw the event opened by villager Geoff Dee, who was attending his 49th fete, and the afternoon included a dog show, egg catching, wheelbarrow time trials, Stuart the Minion and kids races, along with the traditional summer fete fayre.

Steve said: "I spent a happy (if not warm) afternoon serving drinks at the bar and I know the local Red Cat Brewing team's Scratch and Prowler ale certainly went down a treat.

"We had a great time, and I'm delighted the day raised money for the Easton & Martyr Worthy Cricket Club, the Easton Village Hall and the Itchen Valley Churches."

Pictured; Steve joins the Red Cat team behind the bar


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