Tensions exposed in Pennine Way

Residents and young people debate the use of Pennine Way recreation ground (Chandler's Ford) in stormy exchange.

Young people and residents clashed in a war of words at a stormy meeting organised by a neighbourhood police officer on the Pennine Way recreation ground last night. (13th September, 2007).

In angry exchanges residents criticised the young people present for destroying the peace and tranquillity of their neighbourhood by loud revving of their motor cycle engines, bad language and rowdy behaviour.  

Young people responded saying they had tried to create a good relationship with residents but this had not been helped when local people trashed their bikes.Responding to calls for a range of measures from both residents and young people which included the installation of CCTV, moving the entrance gates to the recreation ground further away from houses, shelters for young  people, litter bins and more regular grass cutting to allow the ground to be used for football and other team sports. 

Councillor Colin Davidovitz said, “The status quo is not an option, more must be done to preserve the quality of life of local residents and provide better recreation facilities for young people, I will see that the Local Area Committee considers all the suggestions made at this meeting as a matter of urgency and comes up with concrete proposals which will be put to local people to help solve the current problems”. 

Steve Brine, the local Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, who had been invited to the meeting by residents said. “This is a local example of a deeply disturbing national problem.  Far too little has been done by the Government to provide the resources to create and run facilities for young people. 

"All too often ministers have resorted to the stick rather than addressing the real issues which would preserve the quality of life of local residents and give the opportunity for young people to enjoy their recreational activities in a more constructive way.”

Picture above - Steve Brine and Cllr Colin Davidovitz at the meeting on Wednesday evening in Chandler's Ford.