The time for compromise is now

Steve Brine told the House of Commons on Thursday 3rd October that compromise was at the heart of getting Brexit done.

The Winchester & Chandler’s Ford MP, who currently sits as an Independent MP, told the Prime Minister that he was “very, very pleased” to see evidence of an emerging deal in the letter sent to Mr Juncker, and thanked Mr Johnson for that.

He said: “I knew he wanted a deal, and he told me he wanted a deal, and I believe him. So, can he confirm that consent in Northern Ireland lies at the ​heart of this over there and that more importantly, compromise over here, in this House of Commons, is at the heart of getting this done?

“And those who want to avoid no deal—like me, like him—now need to do the right thing and vote for a deal?”

Boris Johnson said that Steve made his point with great clarity and force, and said that while he appreciated the sincerity of those who opposed a no-deal Brexit, he agreed that logically they really should support this way forward, and he hoped that they would.