Water for Life- Planning for our future

Steve Brine has warmly welcomed the publication of the government's outline plans for our water, which was announced on Thursday 8th December.

The paper, launched by Defra Minister Caroline Spelman MP, recognises new scenarios of water availability by the 2050s, and sets out reforms to the water and sewerage infrastructure so we can capture more water and use it more efficiently.

It also sets out plans to tackle water bills and ensure customers get a better service from water companies, as well as aiming to build awareness about the connection between the water we use in our homes and the condition of our rivers.

Steve, who is a Parliamentary Rivers Champion, said: "I very much welcome this White Paper which will I know be of interest to a great number of people in Winchester & Chandler's Ford. We are blessed to have some wonderful rivers here, not least the Itchen, and the government is being rightly ambitious in this area.

"I do encourage my constituents to take a look at the Defra website which has a lot of detail, as well as a link to be kept regularly up-to-date."

Pictured; Steve, who is a Parliamentary Rivers Champion, on the banks of the River Itchen

More information...

You can view Water for Life at http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/quality/water/legislation/whitepaper.