The one where Steve met Jamie & Jimmy

Steve Brine appeared as a guest on Jamie Oliver’s Channel 4 Show over the Christmas holiday period. He popped up in the café on Southend Pier as part of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast to chat with the lads about health and their #Nutrition4Medics campaign.

Jamie is calling for mandatory training for GPs and other health professionals on key aspects of nutrition including how to talk about weight in a helpful way and refer patients to nutritional experts. This could include referrals to weight loss clinics with registered nutritionists and dietitians or cooking and food education programs.

In chapter 2 of the childhood obesity plan, the Government has committed to providing health and care professionals with the latest training and tools to better support children, young people and families to reduce obesity, including a digital family weight management service.  The first of these resources, consistent healthy weight messages, were published in June 2018.

Through the NHS Long-Term Plan, Ministers are committed to working with the professional bodies and universities to ensure nutrition has a greater place in professional education training.

Speaking on Friday Night Feast, Steve said: “If the medical students are saying they don’t feel prepared enough, it’s up to them to make that case… we in Government are certainly listening”.