Steve Brine question time at city primary school

Steve Brine visited St Faith's C of E primary school on Friday 1st December as a follow up to a group of Year 4 and Year 5 children visiting Parliament in September.


The Winchester MP held a special question time session, which was decorated with key backgrounds and props that the school borrowed from Parliament's Education Centre on their visit.




The classroom was organised as the House of Commons, with young Alex taking the role of Speaker!

Dawn James, head teacher, said: "Steve answered each question fully and in doing so educated the children about the democratic way in which Parliament runs, and about the wider role of an MP. Questions were asked about life as an MP and working in the Houses of Parliament, as well as questions based around needs in Winchester and in school.

"We really appreciate Steve Brine taking the time to lead this session. The children were all really engaged and Alex has now decided he would like to be an MP!"

Steve Brine said: "What a delightful visit, and all credit to the school for making use of the excellent accessories provided by the Education Service. I really enjoyed the session, which was expertly chaired by Alex, and hope the children took a lot out of it."


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