Winchester's unique opportunity

Winchester has a unique opportunity post Covid to become a real workplace destination but does it have the leadership and the ambition?

Local MP Steve Brine has written a hard-hitting and challenging column for today's Hampshire Chronicle in which he sets out his vision for the City to become a thriving "workplace destination" in the wake of the pandemic.

He says; "My central thesis is that Winchester can no longer afford to indulge in endless debate and self-interested legal challenge because this is all connected to the changing workplace.

"Winchester should have a bold strategy to be an exciting workplace destination. We need to harness the desirability of Winchester - ranked one of the best places to live in the country - and build an economic powerhouse.

"Running Winchester cannot come down to who is better at getting their vote out each Spring. Widescale urban regeneration and economic strategy in a heritage city is a serious business and it requires serious people who know what they’re doing. It requires courage to take on vested interest not a fear of doing anything for fear of upsetting anyone.

Maybe, as local Government reorganisation looms, we should seize the day and really shake things up because change is happening all around and it won’t wait for Winchester."

Pictured; Steve on visit this Summer to new Maven Coworking in the city centre.

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Read Steve's column in full here