Steve holds surgery ... in a Fire Station

Steve's Summer Tour reached its penultimate event today with a special surgery for the residents of Sutton Scotney - held in the village fire station!

An update on the Arms Trade Treaty

Steve Brine has welcomed an update following the Diplomatic Conference in New York on an Arms Trade Treaty which was held this summer.

Summer Surgery held in Twyford

Steve Brine's second Summer Tour visited Twyford on Thursday 9th August as the MP held a special surgery in the village.

Summer Tour continues in Weeke

Steve Brine's Summer Tour continued with a busy surgery at St Barnabas Church Hall in Weeke on Thursday 2nd August.

Popcorn looks for a decisive victory

Popcorn, the 9 year old Labrador belonging to local MP Steve Brine, will be hoping for a decisive Conservative victory when he enters the 20th Westminster Dog of the Year competition on Thursday 25th October in Westminster.